Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Project #2 Auto Bracketing Exposure

Taken by Railroad Tracks in Rexburg, ID 5-4-09
1. Under Exposure f/ 9.0 1/400 EV: -2
2. Regular Exposure f/ 3.2 1/640 EV: 0
3. Over Exposure f/ 3.2 1/100 EV: +2

HDR Edit:


Colby and Samantha said...

Awesome outcome! Don't you just love this program! Oh and your added pictures are really cool too!

Stacy Robbins said...

Wow! That turned out so neat! I really like how this photo was composed - I can see the rule of thirds really well! Good photo and good editing!

Caryn said...

Your colors are so awesome! This is coolest old Seed House. My husband just pointed it out to me yesterday when we were driving around, so I just showed your shot to him and my daughter. They could not believe how cool it was either. Nice work!