Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Cut Out:
I used photoshop to cut out the picture...I used the selection tool then I copied and pasted with a white background...I then feathered the image so that it would be a little more sharp on the edges.

Big Red Theme:
I decided to take 4 pictures and I think they turned out ok! I did use Photoshop to brighten and edit some of the imperfections in the photos.

1. Kite Flying: Was taken with my point and shoot Canon on a church lawn in Rexburg, ID: 4-26-09
2. Motor Bike: Was taken with my point and shoot Canon at a random location in Rexburg, ID: 4-28-09

3. Playing on the Playground: Was taken with my point and shoot Canon at an elementary school playground in Rexburg, ID: 4-28-09
4. The Lone Kite: Was taken with my point and shoot Canon at a church in Rexburg, ID
: 4-26-09


Stephanie Haven said...

Nice variety of pictures. I really enjoy the view of the last two. They are very playful. At first I'm looking down at someone, then I look up in the sky.

Anonymous said...

The kite in the sky is my favorite. The cut out looks like your subject in. falling

Jamie Moon's Custom Images said...

I love the kite picture. The red on the kite is a nice contrast against the blue of the sky.

Kurt McGary Design said...

I hate saying what has already been said, but your kit picture is amazing! The scooter one is also really good with the red against the sidewalk/grass to make it stand out.