Saturday, September 10, 2011

They Win...We Win...I Win!!!!!

Okay I know it has taken me forever to post on here, but I was so happy that I finally found some things that I can blog about and figured this would be blog worry for sure and wouldn't take a long time to tell.

So yesterday I went to an all day conference with my brother Gary that was held at Chase field.

It was filled with seminars for Dell computers and was somewhat boring and I didn't take pictures at the conference because it was that boring. But the boringness paid off in the end. The day was also filled with free food and a D-backs game where we sat in the legends party was pretty awesome.

We got to watch batting practice

and then the throw back game

But the best part was the raffle drawing!!! Dell was giving out some great gifts in the raffle like autographed baseballs, bats, shirts, gift cards and some electronics, ect. So to make my chances higher of being picked I made sure that I bent the side of my raffle sheet...I heard that bending it helps from a couple people and I can say that it has worked for them many times. As each name was drawn I knew it wasn't mine, since I made mine so distinct but I was filled with anticipation as each name was called and the prizes were awarded to each person drawn but low and behold bending it paid off....I was the last name to be drawn and I won the grand prize :) and this is what I won...

A Dell Latitude Laptop E6320!
Yes I am still shocked because I never win anything like this, but I guess I can say that my luck has sure made its way and I will take it to my advantage. And yes this isn't the best picture of me since I took it this morning after I woke up, but I wanted to have a pic with me in it!!!
The end of the night was topped off by a win by the D-backs and was a grand Friday to say the least.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Am No Longer a Temp

I sure am going to miss my job at Devry University and it hasn't really sunk in yet, but come tomorrow when I have nothing to do it will kick in. At first I am going to love it, but when there isn't as much money in my bank account is when I will worry...but I am sure that it wont suffer that much, since I am dedicated to finding a new job that suits my needs and wants at this time!!!
What I am going to miss at Devry is a mix of a few things....
1 - Peeking over my tall desk everyday to see who walked in the door

2- Oddly enough my annoying lanyard...which became sort of a security blanket for me...there hasn't been a day that I haven't worn it, besides occassional Saturdays and every Sunday. It was attached to me, even when I went over to friends houses after work.

3 - The candy jar...always full of delicious candy that I couldn't keep my hands is what made me gain an extra few pounds over the past few months hahahahaha just kidding, but oddly enough I had blast from the past moments everytime I ate nerds and bottle caps...oh the good'ol days when candy cost 3-5 cents for a pack of nerds or 15 cents for a jolly rancher stick...that could be an entirely different post on its own though lol

4 - Ocean Blue Frozen was my last time going for a while...Pistacio and banana were my favortite flavors

5 - My was always well organized and I loved working with 2 monitors! I wont however miss the phone that is on the right...we would get random calls from people and every once in a while I would get someone that was mad at a co-worker of mine who just loved to take their frustrations out on me. Plus after a while they started taping our conversations on the phone, so I could no longer speak to friends on the phone...blah blah blah

6 - the fun fountains and relaxing areas at Westgate. I would go down to these fountains every chance that I could get when I needed a break...I happened to have my nieces one day after work and they had a blast in the fountains.

7 - My boss and all my co-workers...they were the best people to work with and on my last day they gave me a card and a beautiful plant....I will miss them all.

All in all, the job will be missed, but I am looking forward to what the future has to bring me!!!!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Where is the L.O.V.E.

So yesterday became a grand day after this arrived early in the afternoon :)

Well, I was having a blaw day and was kinda tired and bored, really not wanting to be at work because it was so nice outside and to be honest I just wanted to be anywhere else, but work!!! But that all changed when my special guests arrived at my work place. The company and gift they brought made me wake up, but more importantly I felt loved.

Thank you Allison, Selena, Sam and made my day for sure!!!!!!!

By the way, I ate a few cookies beforehand by the time I took this have to give me credit for waiting atleast 20 mins after you all left, but it didnt stay a full bucket for long. I was really rumbly in my tummy and so were a few of my co-workers hahahaha. There are only a few more cookies left.

For the rest of the day I had the cookies sitting on my desk and everyone kept asking me about it and a ton asked me why it was addressed to "Bicky." For those of you who may not know, which I am sure that all that read my blog know this fact...but sweet little Sam calls me Bicky instead of Becky and I think it is the cutest thing!!! He sometimes will say Becky, but Bicky is used a ton more :) but the bucket started a trend and now everyone at work calls me Bicky :) it is only going to be shortlived for another week with my co-workers, but the name will still live on with the Barry family and especially Sam. You can tell that I was very happy and a little protective of my cookies at work!!!

I love all of you for your thoughtfullness and kindness!!! (wow I sound so korny...but it is true and I meant every word) Only one more week and we can party it up. I can't wait!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011


So I decided to buy some gum at work today since I had none in my purse, which is so not me btw and I swear I was robbed at how much it cost...

it came out to be a whopping 75 cents!!!!

I could have gone to QT and purchased a bigger pack for the same price practically...

It serves me right for purchasing a 6 pack of gum from a vending machine...I have learned my lesson for sure.

It was more of an impulse buy I guess?!?! I just couldn't ask for a piece from one of my coworkers, which is stupid I know, but I couldn't wait. I needed that instant gratification from a delicious piece of cinnamon, it was Big Red :) one of the best Wrigley flavors besides Juicy Fruit!!!

Anyways, other than the fact that I was robbed by a vending machine I have been busy and on to bigger and better things, well so I hoped! I recently found out that I didn't get the job that I applied and interviewed for at Devry University, but on a good note, I heard that the lady I took the position for will be extending her maternity leave, so I will have more temp time than what I was planing on to work. I am just praying that something will open up so that I can stay at this job, since I love it, but we will see...wait who am I kidding, I would love to just do nothing and be lazy and hangout with friends all day, but that is just not an option for me right now. I need money!!!!

I want to stay in AZ, so I am looking for other jobs here and the thought of being a substitute teahcer keeps coming back, but we will see what happens. I am just at a crossroad in my life, so I need to figure out which path I need to take and follow it for a while. Also, I just broke up with a boy that I was kinda dating, which came and went faster than I thought it would, but I just wasn't feeling he was quite younger than me and not in the same place. Allison was the only one that really got the chance to meet him and reassured me that he was an attractive guy, but that was just not enough for me...I need the total package. If you want a piece of this, you got to work for it!

Oh and I keep having blast from the past moments from my childhood with all the candy that I've been eating at work...I had forgotten how much I loved bottle caps and nerds :)

Oh and I love Space Mountain at Disneyland :) I just went a little over a week ago with my sister Julie and her family. ( And I know I go way too often, but it is really the happiest place on earth) I love this picture of a picture that I took while there at nephews Parker and Ashton dont show a hint of fear- believe it or not, this wasn't Parkers fav ride - it was Tower of Terror!!! He is the one in the front with his hands up in the don't pay too much attention to my crazy face expression...I do a different pose for the camera everytime I go on the ride.

One last thing...I had the strangest dream the other night!!! I was an undercover teenager at a High School - you know like Drew Barrymore in the movie Never Been Kissed, but it was slightly a different storyline...I wasn't Josey Grossy, neither did I get kissed in the end, but I was sent to Carl Hayden High School to be a student again and I had the strangest experience while I was there!!! This is how it went, from what I can remember-

...I somehow got in a fight with a girl while at the school assembly in the gym, all because she said that I was dressed liked a grandma and that I looked too fancy and dressed up to be going to a school like Carl Hayden...hahaha I was wearing a cardigan and jeans, but I had my Macbook with me-maybe that was the fancy part, but if I was dressed too fancy than I am in trouble, because I dress like that all the time now lol....lets just say that I ended up fighting with the girls, who might I add were from the movie Save the Last Dance....then after the fight I left and started looking for my classes upstairs, but I somehow got lost and found the old "haunted" area of the school that looked like a rundown english bar/pub, but was then told that I needed to leave this area and go down some questionable looking stairway, because there was some type of drill/fire alarm going off in the building...heck no was I going down the steep I knew if I went down those stairs I was going to be cut off halfway down by the girls boyfriends/gang and beat up some more because of the previous fight during the I took the other route which ended up being a people mover escalator - a fairly old one might I went like 1 mile per hour and I felt as if i were walking through the halls of the movie Lean on Me. (Oddly enough - all but one of these movies has the setting of a secondary school in it) I ended up speaking to a teacher on my way down who told me that this school was definitely not the one that I should be going to, so I took the teachers advice and I went to the admin office and withdrew myself from the school...I shortly then left the school but realized I was in downtown Phoenix in the middle of the afternoon all by myself, so I crossed the street and went into a law office and waited there until my dad could come pick me up so that I wouldn't get bugged by the homeless people that were camped down by the school. Anyways, that was all that I could remember of my dream, but it was so weird...I havent watched any of those movies recently so I don't know what spurred the dream, but it was quite comical now that I reflect on it!!! Let's just say it was a fun one to tell.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What to do???

When you are at work and you find yourself with nothing to do, you get a little creative...

If you are anything like me, you can't find yourself sitting there with nothing to do, so while I was bored out of my mind at work I decided to:

Take pictures -

1-of me doing nothing, but thinking of what I can do that is fun!

2-of me being scary/weird

3-abstract angles of my keyboard

While browsing Facebook, cause we all know that is something you can do for hours :)

Then, browsing pictures that are on my phone, so that I can add them to this post, like

1-finding a picture of my nephew pulling my sisters hair while she fell asleep on our way back from Florence, AZ

2-a picture of me in a locker while attending BYU-Idaho...yes my friend didnt believe that I could fit in there and yes I proved her wrong!

3-me graduating from COLLEGE...sorry it is blurry, but is really only 1 of the ones I have

4-going to NYC baby!!!

5-Eating the best hot dog in NYC at Gray's Papaya

6- Going into work - happy as a clam...which happens most days!

7-taking my nieces and Brother to DISNEYLAND

8-taking a picture of my nephews being silly in the bathtub...aka being Santa Clause

9-Finding photos of friends that took photos of themselves on my camera :) love you Selena

10- visiting with friends in Utah

11- taking pics with the roommates with our Macs - which happened a ton, but I only have 1

12- dressing up like a Mexican for Halloween

13- Finding a snuggie for a dog while waiting to check out at Walmart :)

14- Hanging out in the Reid's pantry, since we all know they have the best drinks stored in their second fridge....yummy Dr. Pepper :) as you can see this picture is really old..check out how short my hair was!

15-On my way to go shopping, finding the blue mustache that I had stored in my purse, so I took a picture and sent it to a dear friend
16- finding the biggest bone I have ever seen at Albertson's
17- and last but not least - seeing a truck bed full of cows on the way back to Rexburg...only in Idaho!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best News of the Week!!!

So I am not only happy that today is the beginning of the weekend, but....

Guess what made it's way in the mail today??????

Awww YEAH!!!! I have been waiting forever to receive this and I am thankful that I was able to accomplish this before I got too old.

I couldn't stop smiling as I read my letter from the President of BYU Idaho :)
Too bad no one was home with me to share in the joy

It is now official...I have been waiting for this to come for months. I am glad that is finally came :) Now when get and awesome job I can hang this in my future office, if I ever get an office.

I was so happy that I took like 15 pictures of my diploma!!!!

Now I have to find a frame for this bad boy.