Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week 3 Flora and Fauna

Here are my pictures for week 3:
I had a ton of fun working on the assignment for this week. I have taken pictures in the past with the help of my friend, who happens to be a photographer. She showed me some awesome ways of shooting. But I love the outcomes of all pictures.
I will say that I had the hardest time with the Adjustment Layers this week, but I ended up putting a filter on the picture, which was a watercolor filter, then I brought the saturation up with the adjustment layer. I think that it turned out pretty ok.

1. Adjustment Layers: This was taken in Flagstaff, AZ with my Canon Powershot f/ 4.5 1/60 5.9.09
2. Sunflower: This was taken in Salamanca, Spain in a field of Sunflowers with a Canon EOS 5D f/11.0 1/800 7.27.07
3. Ocean: This was taken in Kauai, HI near Wamaiea Canyon with my Canon Powershot f/8.0 1/100 7.29.08
4. Black Cat: This was taken in Barcelona, Spain in a park with a Canon EOS 5D f/4.0 1/80 7.25.07


Our Happy Family said...

The black cat is very cute (even though I despise cats). I like the angle you chose to take the picture was creative. It looks like you added a burned edge to teh pic. Did you?

Jamie said...

Watercolor is one of my favorite filters to use. I really like how yours turned out.
Jamie Andersen