Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here is my post of all the Bannack shots. I had fun taking pictures up here, there are tons of different things to photograph. I loved using macro, angles and I had fun with the shutter speeds. I think that most of my pictures turned out good. I used a few different textures on a few of the pictures, the ones with the text and for sure and the ghost photo. I did use a lot of inner shadows for the pictures and most had burned adjustment layers. Here are all my descriptions for each picture...they are counted from left to right and from top to bottom. I did add a ton more extra pictures because I couldn't just pick 6 and I wanted to show you some of my best shots and edits. Most shots are taken with my Canon Powershot, but one...the Ghost shot.
1. Bannack Door: f/ 2.8 1/320 5-15-09
2. Red House: f/ 8.0 1/100 5-15-09
3. Hotel Windows: f/ 2.8 1/80 5-15-09
4. Stove: f/ 2.8 1/50 5-15-09
5. Old Wooden Door f/ 2.8 1/125 5-15-09
6. Spoons: f/ 2.8 1/60 5-15-09
7. School House: f/ 4.5 1/320 5-15-09
8. Red Door: f/ 2.8 1/80 5-15-09
9. Pants: f/2.8 1/60 5-15-09
10.Grunge House: f/ 2.8 1/15 5-15-09
11. Green Wall: f/ 2.8 1/60 5-15-09
12. Ghost Picture: f/ 8.0 10.0 Shutter Canon EOS 50D 5-15-09
13. Door to school house: f/ 2.8 1/125 5-15-09
14. Door off hinge: f/ 2.8 1/60 5-15-09
15. Boca tools: f/2.8 1/40 5-15-09
16. Boca holes: f/ 2.8 1/640 5-15-09
17. Boca Bowl: f/ 2.8 1/15 5-15-09


Colby and Samantha said...

really fun shots! I like the angles you shot and the editing with the type in the door that's neat!

Em said...

You have so many amazing shots. I especially like the picture of the hotel window and the angle you took on that. The shot of the red door also has great composition and fantastic color.

Anonymous said...

I like the one with the pants hanging on the door. That is a neat shot.

Jamie Merrill said...

I really love your red house shot! It is amazing!! The angle is perfect, and your composition on all the other photos is right on!