Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week 5

Edge Shot
This was taken when we were at Bannack and I really liked it, I actually did an HDR edit on it and then refined it with a burned edge...I really like to put a black edged effect on shots, it makes them more fun.

Night Shots
This week was really fun. I had the opportunity to go to Utah this weekend and shoot with my friends Selena and Russ. I got to use Selena's Canon EOS 5D, which was really fun. What we did in these shots was set up the camera on a tripod and had the camera set on the bulb setting, with the aperature set on 9...we had a shutter trigger and took maybe 10 to 15 seconds to pull it for every shot. Most shots we used a flash or flash light with colored filters to produce fun colors and get more contrasts into the shot. We also used the flashlight to flash me every few seconds so that I can have the ghost effect with the truck shot. If you look closely you can see that the tree in the background is red, thanks to my friend Russ for shinning his flashlight with a red gave it a cool effect. My friends live down in Orem and knew where this cool old Sinclair gas station was, I was thankful because we took some fun pictures there. I think that they turned out quite nicely.

1. The Ghost Shot f/ 9.0 62.0 5-26-09 in American Fork, Utah
2. Lonesome Truck f/ 9.0 90.0 5-26-09 in American Fork, Utah
3. Old Gas Station f/ 9.0 47.0 5-26-09 in American Fork, Utah
4. Light Painting f/9.0 60.0 5-26-09 in American Fork, Utah

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here is my post of all the Bannack shots. I had fun taking pictures up here, there are tons of different things to photograph. I loved using macro, angles and I had fun with the shutter speeds. I think that most of my pictures turned out good. I used a few different textures on a few of the pictures, the ones with the text and for sure and the ghost photo. I did use a lot of inner shadows for the pictures and most had burned adjustment layers. Here are all my descriptions for each picture...they are counted from left to right and from top to bottom. I did add a ton more extra pictures because I couldn't just pick 6 and I wanted to show you some of my best shots and edits. Most shots are taken with my Canon Powershot, but one...the Ghost shot.
1. Bannack Door: f/ 2.8 1/320 5-15-09
2. Red House: f/ 8.0 1/100 5-15-09
3. Hotel Windows: f/ 2.8 1/80 5-15-09
4. Stove: f/ 2.8 1/50 5-15-09
5. Old Wooden Door f/ 2.8 1/125 5-15-09
6. Spoons: f/ 2.8 1/60 5-15-09
7. School House: f/ 4.5 1/320 5-15-09
8. Red Door: f/ 2.8 1/80 5-15-09
9. Pants: f/2.8 1/60 5-15-09
10.Grunge House: f/ 2.8 1/15 5-15-09
11. Green Wall: f/ 2.8 1/60 5-15-09
12. Ghost Picture: f/ 8.0 10.0 Shutter Canon EOS 50D 5-15-09
13. Door to school house: f/ 2.8 1/125 5-15-09
14. Door off hinge: f/ 2.8 1/60 5-15-09
15. Boca tools: f/2.8 1/40 5-15-09
16. Boca holes: f/ 2.8 1/640 5-15-09
17. Boca Bowl: f/ 2.8 1/15 5-15-09

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week 3 Flora and Fauna

Here are my pictures for week 3:
I had a ton of fun working on the assignment for this week. I have taken pictures in the past with the help of my friend, who happens to be a photographer. She showed me some awesome ways of shooting. But I love the outcomes of all pictures.
I will say that I had the hardest time with the Adjustment Layers this week, but I ended up putting a filter on the picture, which was a watercolor filter, then I brought the saturation up with the adjustment layer. I think that it turned out pretty ok.

1. Adjustment Layers: This was taken in Flagstaff, AZ with my Canon Powershot f/ 4.5 1/60 5.9.09
2. Sunflower: This was taken in Salamanca, Spain in a field of Sunflowers with a Canon EOS 5D f/11.0 1/800 7.27.07
3. Ocean: This was taken in Kauai, HI near Wamaiea Canyon with my Canon Powershot f/8.0 1/100 7.29.08
4. Black Cat: This was taken in Barcelona, Spain in a park with a Canon EOS 5D f/4.0 1/80 7.25.07

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Other HDR Edits

I just wanted to add these ones too!!!!
I had fun playing with the program

Project #2 Auto Bracketing Exposure

Taken by Railroad Tracks in Rexburg, ID 5-4-09
1. Under Exposure f/ 9.0 1/400 EV: -2
2. Regular Exposure f/ 3.2 1/640 EV: 0
3. Over Exposure f/ 3.2 1/100 EV: +2

HDR Edit: