Thursday, June 25, 2009

Week 9

Poster Ideas:
I am not sure if I want to do both of these or not, but I do love them both...What do you think?

Water Shots:
These were the shots that I took this week. I love how they turned out. I actually just purchased a new Canon Rebel T1i and I had fun taking shots with it. 2 of the shots were taken at the BYU-I gardens and the other 2 at Yellowstone National Park. I think that I captured the water quite nicely in all pictures. Water is a really pretty object to photograph.
1- BYU-I Gardens 6-11-09 Canon Rebel T1i f/ 5.6 1/60
2- BYU-I Gardens 6-21-09 Canon Rebel T1i f/ 5.6 1/60
3- Yellowstone 6-18-09 Canon Rebel T1i f/ 7.1 1/00
4- Yellowstone 6-18-09 Canon Rebel T1i f/ 5.6 1/6

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week 8

These are very fun shots to take, but I find them very hard to do. I hope that mine turned out okay. I think that I can do better next time. First time isn't too bad though. Here is a beautiful shot of Lake Yellowstone. I tried my best to blend the shots the best I could. I will go later and correct some of the flaws later, but for now I am a beginner.

Here are my individual shots taken 6-18-09 in the morning at Yellowstone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Week 7


Daily Pictures:
Here are some of my pictures that I have taken over the week. I had fun choosing which pictures to use and I hope that they are what describe me and what I have done over the week. They are all taken with my Canon Point and Shoot! I love to take random pictures as you can tell. I had fun with the macro shots, manual shots and the weather. As you can see a ton of the pics were taken in doors due to the crazy rain everyday this week. There were a few times I got out to take outdoor shots and I think they turned out well.

Thursday f/2.8 1/13 6-4-09
Friday f/4.9 1/15 6-5-09

Saturday f/2.8 1/40 6-6-09
Sunday f/8.0 1/100 6-7-09
Playground fun!

Monday f/2.8 1.0 6-8-09
Glow Sticks!
Tuesday f/14.0 1/400 6-9-09

Wednesday f/2.8 1/60 6-10-09
Whitening Teeth!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week 6

This picture was taken around March of this year and I wanted to show the size of the dog compared to me...he is quite large as you can see. I thought this picture was funny and I wanted to edit it a little. What I did was saturated the picture, brought myself back in color and then I also took some of the blemishes off my face. I also put a bit of a inner shadow on the pic too.
f/2.8 1/60 taken with a Canon Point and Shoot

1. Was taken at the SLC temple, my friend Amanda had never been and I wanted to take a portrait of her with the temple so she can remember her time there. I did minor edits with the saturation's and bringing the color of the sky and her shirt out and then of course I put a blue border around it to bring the pic out a little more.
f/ 8.0 1/125 taken with my Canon Point and Shoot 5/30/09

2. This was taken at Christmas time this past year and I love it, because it was my cute nieces all dressed up in their PJ's ready for Santa to arrive. I didn't edit too much with this picture, it just has a vinyette on the photo.
f/ 2.8 1/60 taken with my Canon Point and Shoot 5-24-08