Friday, October 16, 2009

Klippel Boys

Here are some pics of my handsome nephews!!!!
While I was at home over the summer I took some shots of them to get some practice. Sorry I am just now getting them edited and posted, but I have been super busy this month. All I can remember is that we had fun and that they were super hard to photograph, but I think that they all turned out really well. My little nephew Caden moved a lot and was not in a lot of the pics, but these are the ones that I got.

This first one is my favorite because it shows all of the boys can tell that Parker is the only photogenic one due to the smile on his face hahaha.

Spencer...he is the oldest!

Parker, oh he is so cute!!!

Caden, I love his fun personality....I wish he wouldn't cry when I held him.

Ashton, the not so photogenic one...he actually did alright this time around.

Cute Klippel boys!

My second favorite one...Ashton actually smiled for real...thanks to his Dad Brandon!

Last one...Spencer laughed when he saw this one because he wasn't smiling...he said he didn't want to take pictures that day and that's why he wasn't smiling, what a terd hahaha....He got better and actually smiled, this was one of the first shots taken that evening.

I had fun taking pictures, but there is tons of room for improvement. My sister loved them and so do I! I am thankful to have such an awesome family. I love and miss my family so much.