Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Job

Okay so I started my new job for Triad Management on Tuesday this week and I love it...yeah the hours are weird, from 3PM - 11PM 5 days a week between Mon and Sat with one day off each week besides Sunday, but it is all good. My social life gets a little hindered too, but I haven't seen that bad of affects yet. I am getting a hang of everything, but am still a little slow on some things. I pretty much input information and photos in the computer explaining in detail about bids on foreclosures and ladahdahdah, stuff that can be boring to some that don't like this stuff. I like it though and that is all that matters, right?
So since I wasn't working for a little while prior to this job I have become super lazy and it affects me at work. I think of the 5 hour energy commercial that says "do you feel tired at 2 o'clock and then 3 o'clock and then later at 4 o'clock and need that extra energy to get through your work day? Well we have the solution for you...." Yeah I totally feel that way, but am never going to drink energy drinks, I think they are disgusting, so none for me. Anyway I've developed a bad habit of drinking Dr Pepper to give me that needed energy during my work day. I have come to the point where I need to drink a Dr Pepper each day to have some energy, but I need to stop this soon, because I will start to gain unwanted weight. It is okay to drink it every once in a while in moderation, but maybe I should switch to water, because one it is way healthier for me and 2 it will give me reasons to get up and gain some energy aka go to the bathroom! So that is my plan, but it will be tough for me, since I don't drink water that much, so wish me luck!
Well, this is all I got, since it is late and I need to go to bed, even though I just got home a little over an hour ago, but I work tomorrow and need to do some things in the morning before I go back into work.


beckysue said...

Okay I think the problem is fixed now and people can comment if they would like lol