Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Apple in Hot Seat Re Post

Apple has been known to be an amazing company in the computer world as well as in the new advanced technology world. Apple offers products such as the iPhone, iPod, iTunes and iPad, etc. Through their iTunes stores, applications can be purchased or downloaded to help the customer or user of its products to better stay connected with the world and its resources and to be happy.

Every year in the month of June Steve Jobs has his annual conference where he typically announces new upcoming products that Apple will offer later that year. In June 201o, Jobs announced that there would be a new generation iPhone that will be way more advanced and better looking with its design. Its new name would be the iPhone 4G, meaning it is the fourth generation of the phone itself. The phone was later put out into the market in July and has been flying off the shelves like crazy.

Since the phone has been released it has been in the news recently with the idea of it having faulty equipment installed into its programming. I have added a few widgets and gadgets on my blog to help you search the iPhone through Google search, as well I added one that shows Apples recent headlines, so that you can see what Apple is doing in regards to making their company better. Last, but not least I added a poll for my blog viewers. You can take the opportunity to vote on it and I would highly recommend it, so that Apple can know what viewers like you think about Apple and the story about the iPhone 4.

I decided to re post my last video on the iPhone 4 and Apple. It was my best story idea and I think that it is a great story in regards to what is happening to Apple this week. Apple has been in the news for the past week, because the new phone has been having issues with its signal strength. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple has promised everyone that owns a phone right now will receive a free case to correct the problem. My question is will that really help it? I guess we will just have to wait and find out. Even though I am not an iPhone user, I have a Mac and I love it...Steve needs to step up his game to keep his customers happy.