Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seattle and Then Some

We went to Seattle for the day and I had a ton of fun!!!
We went to Pike's Place first to see the fish be thrown...Amanda I hoped you liked it. Last time I went to Seattle was a year ago and the guys played a prank and threw a fake fish at my head while I was filming...I was a little scared and I screamed, but that was a year ago. This year they didn't do that thankfully, but it was fun to watch them throw the "real fish" again. There were millions of people that were from all over and I don't think I have ever been pushed around as much as I had in this area in my life :) luckily we were able to get through without losing one another. After that we went to the gum wall, which was really cool, but so unsanitary. I was actually shocked to see Amanda go anywhere near this spot. I for sure left my gum on the wall, I had a hard time finding a spot to put it, since so many people put theres on the wall too...I love the pic of Amanda...she got real into it! Then we went to the waterfront and took some pics with Christopher Columbus, which is tradition for always need a landmark to take a picture at when you go visit a fun place. Well this one is mine in Seattle! After that we headed over to the Freemont Troll which is in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You and took some fun pics there. I don't know how I did it, but I somehow I managed to remember how to get everywhere in Seattle without a map. I guess I will just say that I am good when it comes to directions and remembering how to get places after seeing them once before. I think that Amanda may have been a little amazed and confused at the same I did it will still remain a mystery I guess. Oh last but not least we took some pics with this pig...they are all over Seattle and I am not sure why they are everywhere, but I sure had fun taking pics with them. Oh yeah, I don't want to forget about the fun purchase of our bracelets...we purchased them at Zumies, they are Breast Cancer bracelets...I figured since I have had some family members that are Breast Cancer Survivors it was fit to buy them...If you can't read them it says "I heart BOOBIES" and on the other side it says "Keep a Breast" they are pretty funny.

So I got the bright idea that we needed to paint Amanda's room while I was visiting. Her parentals never let her do it before, but since I am a nice person and they love me they let Amanda and I paint her room...for some reason they think I am responsible hahaha. Anyways, I think that it turned out nice and I know it makes Amanda feel a little more at home in her new room. She chose to paint her room with Disney colors...she now has Tinker Bell and Atta Boy Blue on her walls. I love it!!!
Before Pics of the purple room!

Some After Pics of the room...sorry I didn't get a full on after shot.

Don't ever leave us alone together with paint :) It can get a little messy.

We finally went and saw Harry Potter! I really liked it, but it was for sure different then the others in my opinion.

So Katie turned 21 while I was visiting and this is a family shot at her work. Amanda brought her a b-day cake and balloons. The cake turned all of our mouths blue, luckily I didn't get a pic of that!

I don't know how, but I managed to fit into this at the park by Clark College...needless to say I still have the heart of a child in me. Thanks Amanda...She taught me well.

If you are wondering, yes I ate this cookie! It only took me 5 bites...I don't think Amanda believed me when I said I had a huge mouth. I took a video of the consumption of the cookie, but we will just keep that stashed away so I don't get too embarrassed.

We went to a creek by Amanda's and I really enjoyed it. I wished I could've stayed longer in Washington...this was an hour before I went home :(

So I just want to say that I had an amazing time with you Amanda on my 3 week long vacation. I was so sad to have to leave and come home. I can't wait until I can return to Washington again. I want to thank the Hallenbeck's for being so great to me and for putting up with me the whole time I was with them. I will forever remember this vacation.


Selena and Russ!! said...

that sand castle thing is the most amazing thing i have ever seen! holy crap! ok ok i changed my mind. the gum wall is the most amazing thing i have ever seen! i like that paint! who's room were you painting!> looks like fun!