Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Week in Lake Tahoe

Here is the beautiful place that I was staying at with the Hallenbeck Family. They have had this cabin in their family for quite some time. Amanda's great grandpa built it back in the day...I can't remember really when, but it was when the area wasn't as touristy. It was fun sitting back and listening to all the family stories and to hear about the memories that they shared in the cabin over the years. I had a blast while I was there. I was able to do a lot, but at the same time relax a ton. We went swimming a few of the days, went touring some of the other on a kayak, went water skiing and then went to go shopping. All in all, it was a great week!

Here we are ready to get on the boat that we rented for the day...I had a ton of fun even though I still couldn't get up. All I have to say is that I suck at wakeboarding! I got close to staying up though. Amanda did very well on the skiis though. I have a funny video of her biffing it on her skiis, but I will spare the embarrasment by not posting that for her. Justin did very well on the wakeboard and so did this other random dude that was passing us by on another boat. We went with some of Amanda's cousins...Ashley, Austin, Cara with her friend Sophie and Audrey. Her brother Jake was there and Katie with Justin and lets not forget the driver...Mark Hallenbeck!

We went shopping in Nevada on the border and they had some fun shops...I bought a real cute bag from Quicksilver and I am just in love with it! Thankfully I didn't go into too many stores or I would be broke by now. Anyways, here we are with Amanda's sister Katie and her hubbie Justin. We rode over with them in their Mustang, yes it was a little cramned in the back but we looked super cute.

here we are posing with some of the random statues in town...

Oh and lets not forget the landmark spot for picture taking in will become a new tradition to take a pic here every year, well atleast I hope so.

Us goofing off in our room after we finally got a room to sleep in...I loved our got so dark, we wouldn't wake up until 1 some days cause it was so dark. Here we are playing around with our flash drives. We are a little silly somtimes.

I got rebuked by Grandma for painting my nails on her tables. I guess I was warned by Amanda though...I should've listened. Grandma gave me the evil eye the rest of the afternoon. I shouldn't look too happy, but I was cause I needed a pedicure real bad.

On our way to church, we are so hot!

Burger Lounge...I will have to say it was very good...the biggest burger I have ever eaten and one of the best shakes I have ever had too. Here we are at the Kid table, jk! We ate with Amanda's cousin Cara and her friend Sophie. We were lucky to have the umbrellas cause it started to rain while we were eating.

Mark- Amanda's Dad really likes to snorkel and scuba dive...I caught him in action. This is right outside the cabin...yes the water is that clear and beautiful.

Ali- Amanda's Mom...she really likes to kayak and I got her in the act too.

Last but not least the game of Scrabble...We played it a ton while we were here...we didn't know how well we could spell until we played like 10 rounds of this game. I don't think that I can ever get Amanda to play with me again though. If you look closely you can see some words we spelt...yes they are very weird, but fun! Yes you can see ZIT spelled twice on the board...31 points baby!


Selena and Russ!! said...

i like the sunglasses (very summery)
i like the man with the green face
i like the usb mustaches
and i like you