Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photojournalism Presentation

We as a group for Photojournalism class, chose these photos to be taken and presented for our final project! We spent time together on 7-10-09 and these are what we came up with...we hope you enjoy them!!!!! The first group of pictures (depth of field) were taken on campus in the BYU-Idaho Gardens and then the group shots and portraits were taken in the field across from the Rexburg Temple. The grass was just so green and the sky was a little overcast. We think that the pictures turned out great! Oh all pics were taken with a DSLR Canon Rebel T1i with a standard lens.

Depth of Field:

f/ 5.6 1/400 ISO 100

f/ 9.0 1/125 ISO 100

f/ 5.6 1/60 ISO 200

Photoshop Edit:

This picture had a few actions done on it...first some contrast was brought out through curves and then it was warmed up through the levels. There was a burned vignette added to the edges as well. You can see that some of the sunlight shows through the edits as compared to the original photo. The colors stand out more and are a little warmer as well.

The original was taken at Yellowstone in June in the afternoon
f/ 11.0 1/100 ISO 100


f/ 3.5 1/250 ISO 100

f/ 16.0 1/200 ISO 400

Group Shots:

f/ 3.5 1/640 ISO 80

f/ 22.0 1/200 ISO 400