Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July Fun in Washington!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!! I just finished blogging for my class this week and I decided that it is time that I do regular posts now on my amazing blog. I was using it to show off my new developing talent with can view past stuff if you desire to see what I have been up to this semester, or not! I hope that I can keep this up and show you what I am up to on a regular basis.
Well, this past week I had the opportunity to go to Washington for the 4th of July and I had a blast. These are some of the pics from the trip, thanks to Jake!!!!! I loved my time there for sure. I really didn't want to leave at all. The time went by so fast and I dreaded driving the 11 hour trip there and the trip back, which took only 9 hours thankfully....shhhhhh I can't tell you how we got back so fast...I will just say that there were no cops in sight. My trip consisted of hanging out with Amanda's family....Jake, Josh, Katie and parents Mark and Ali.
Day 1-Katie was nice enough to give me a free hair cut when I arrived for my first day in Vancouver. It turned out great...and I love it!!!! Amanda got hers cut too and I love her with short hair :) After that I went shopping with Amanda and Jake, where Amanda took forever in Build a Bear, her home away from home...It is okay, I'm sure you were in heaven Amanda!!!!! In the meantime, Jake and I went shopping and I ended up buying too much stuff,,, oh well!!!! Great looking pants and a new pair of flip flops for me!!!!!

Day 2- Was spent in Portland with Jake, Josh and Amanda and we toured the city and did some more shopping. Yes I purchsed more and found a cute jacket and a pair of board shorts. We also went to a huge bookstore, the Waterfront where we saw a nasty green river and a nice view of the City, which then proceeded with a splash in the fountains (Josh and Amanda) and then we walked to Voodoo Doughnut and had some yummy yet explicit doughnuts....cock and balls anyone????? lol!!!! Then we went back to the car and saw a brawl go down on the street where a man tried to run over another man with his car....and a woman who kept saying the f bomb like every other sentence because some santa claus looking man drank out of her drinking fountain...oh what a fun time we had in Portland. We later went for dinner and walked on 23rd times.

Day 3- We went to the Beach and I had a fun time with Jake, Amanda, Katie and Josh. We went to a beach that is by Tillamook Oregon and it was a little overcast, but was still fun. I will have to say that I haven't seen that many dogs at a beach before and I have never seen a dog pooh and pee so much as I did with Budah!!!!!! I hope no one stepped in the little present he left behind us!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It was a good thing that we decided to go earlier in the morning because holy crazy traffic going into Tillamook when we was probably 2 hours worth!!!!!! Next we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and I tested some amazing cheese, and purchased some amazing ice cream. Too bad I didn't really get to try squeeky time for sure. Jake will have to bring some to Tahoe!!!!!!! After that, we decided to get some real food, since we hadn't eaten anything but doughnuts from the day before.... and as we did that Budah decided to eat Katie's carmel popcorn that she just purchased...oh sad day for her....Budah seems like such a curious dog, you gotta love his personality and ability to find the hidden popcorn. Later that night we just relaxed and watched a movie as we all lotioned our sunburns that we acquired earlier that day.

Day 4- Was the 4th of July!!!!! It began with Ridgefields fun parade, which I was able to be a part of...I had fun waving to all the townsmen and I felt really special as we drove and I waved to the kids...who knew that I could feel like royalty....well not really, but close. This was the day we really hung out with Amanda's parents Mark and Ali. Mark did a great job on restoring the old military jeep, which he displays in the town parade every year. We rode in that with them and it was a ton of fun...Jake had a fun time squirting all the people, especially the kids with the water guns...I'm sure they loved it because it was so freaking hot outside that day...I got a little more burnt and Jake and Amanda, the albinos, for sure were lobsters afterwards....Amanda even had a fun burn circle on her back, which is now peeling, eeeeeewwwwwww! We then just walked around the town and partook of the festivities that were going down, which wasn't much, but it was still fun. We met up with Katie and her husband Justin later and we went and got lunch and just chilled for a bit. Later that night was when we had a bbq with the Hallenbeck family and we watched Harry Potter, but only part of it, since the men decided to change the oil in my truck, which was in dyre need of. As the men were being men the neighborhood residents set off fireworks which lasted for a while...they probably spent thousands of dollars on this wasn't huge, but it was super fun. My favorite part was just relaxing and talking out front as we watched the fireworks and ate rootbeer floats which were so yummy!!!!!

Day 5- Amanda and I drove home and it was tons of fun, but we didn't want to head back to wasn't until we were half way back that I noticed an amazing smell and realized that I smelt Jake on was a good smell of course!!!!! It just made me miss him already. BTW I still haven't washed it!!!!!!! I love Armani Mania :) Amanda made fun of me for taking random wiffs of it the remainder of the trip. All in all I had fun....Thanks for the fun time Hallenbeck's!!!!!!!!!


Gidget said...

Ah I still don't want to be in Rexburg. gag.

Let's go back soon!
By the way... you're helping me peel this circle of doom burn. haha

Selena and Russ!! said...

looks like an amazing time! I wish i could be there geez!