Saturday, September 10, 2011

They Win...We Win...I Win!!!!!

Okay I know it has taken me forever to post on here, but I was so happy that I finally found some things that I can blog about and figured this would be blog worry for sure and wouldn't take a long time to tell.

So yesterday I went to an all day conference with my brother Gary that was held at Chase field.

It was filled with seminars for Dell computers and was somewhat boring and I didn't take pictures at the conference because it was that boring. But the boringness paid off in the end. The day was also filled with free food and a D-backs game where we sat in the legends party was pretty awesome.

We got to watch batting practice

and then the throw back game

But the best part was the raffle drawing!!! Dell was giving out some great gifts in the raffle like autographed baseballs, bats, shirts, gift cards and some electronics, ect. So to make my chances higher of being picked I made sure that I bent the side of my raffle sheet...I heard that bending it helps from a couple people and I can say that it has worked for them many times. As each name was drawn I knew it wasn't mine, since I made mine so distinct but I was filled with anticipation as each name was called and the prizes were awarded to each person drawn but low and behold bending it paid off....I was the last name to be drawn and I won the grand prize :) and this is what I won...

A Dell Latitude Laptop E6320!
Yes I am still shocked because I never win anything like this, but I guess I can say that my luck has sure made its way and I will take it to my advantage. And yes this isn't the best picture of me since I took it this morning after I woke up, but I wanted to have a pic with me in it!!!
The end of the night was topped off by a win by the D-backs and was a grand Friday to say the least.


Allison Barry said...

Holy cow Becky! That's awesome!