Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Am No Longer a Temp

I sure am going to miss my job at Devry University and it hasn't really sunk in yet, but come tomorrow when I have nothing to do it will kick in. At first I am going to love it, but when there isn't as much money in my bank account is when I will worry...but I am sure that it wont suffer that much, since I am dedicated to finding a new job that suits my needs and wants at this time!!!
What I am going to miss at Devry is a mix of a few things....
1 - Peeking over my tall desk everyday to see who walked in the door

2- Oddly enough my annoying lanyard...which became sort of a security blanket for me...there hasn't been a day that I haven't worn it, besides occassional Saturdays and every Sunday. It was attached to me, even when I went over to friends houses after work.

3 - The candy jar...always full of delicious candy that I couldn't keep my hands is what made me gain an extra few pounds over the past few months hahahahaha just kidding, but oddly enough I had blast from the past moments everytime I ate nerds and bottle caps...oh the good'ol days when candy cost 3-5 cents for a pack of nerds or 15 cents for a jolly rancher stick...that could be an entirely different post on its own though lol

4 - Ocean Blue Frozen was my last time going for a while...Pistacio and banana were my favortite flavors

5 - My was always well organized and I loved working with 2 monitors! I wont however miss the phone that is on the right...we would get random calls from people and every once in a while I would get someone that was mad at a co-worker of mine who just loved to take their frustrations out on me. Plus after a while they started taping our conversations on the phone, so I could no longer speak to friends on the phone...blah blah blah

6 - the fun fountains and relaxing areas at Westgate. I would go down to these fountains every chance that I could get when I needed a break...I happened to have my nieces one day after work and they had a blast in the fountains.

7 - My boss and all my co-workers...they were the best people to work with and on my last day they gave me a card and a beautiful plant....I will miss them all.

All in all, the job will be missed, but I am looking forward to what the future has to bring me!!!!



Allison Barry said...

Yay for stay at home mom time! and yes, that was a very tall desk.