Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week 6

This picture was taken around March of this year and I wanted to show the size of the dog compared to me...he is quite large as you can see. I thought this picture was funny and I wanted to edit it a little. What I did was saturated the picture, brought myself back in color and then I also took some of the blemishes off my face. I also put a bit of a inner shadow on the pic too.
f/2.8 1/60 taken with a Canon Point and Shoot

1. Was taken at the SLC temple, my friend Amanda had never been and I wanted to take a portrait of her with the temple so she can remember her time there. I did minor edits with the saturation's and bringing the color of the sky and her shirt out and then of course I put a blue border around it to bring the pic out a little more.
f/ 8.0 1/125 taken with my Canon Point and Shoot 5/30/09

2. This was taken at Christmas time this past year and I love it, because it was my cute nieces all dressed up in their PJ's ready for Santa to arrive. I didn't edit too much with this picture, it just has a vinyette on the photo.
f/ 2.8 1/60 taken with my Canon Point and Shoot 5-24-08


Jamie said...

I really like the way you tilted the temple. It makes a really interesting photo. Good Job.

Jenn said...

Love the temple picture. The shirt is a great contrast. Maybe you could change the color of the shirt in photoshop just to get some variety. Good job!!


I did not know this was you at first....... I never saw a pic of you on your blog till now lol That is one HUGE dog..Great Dane? My daughter would have fun riding him as a horse :)